The problem with marketing on Social Media SEO – Film Cars Spain – Coches para rodajes cine

The problem with marketing on Social Media SEO – Film Cars Spain –

by Rob AEP

I wanted to write this tonight (Nov 22, 20:30) and have this auto post in the morning, a blog article as I do a little bit of SEO work.  Many people believe that getting alot of likes on a social network will increase your SEO.  This is not always true and some social media sites don’t report virtually anything to the big search engines. Later I will explain the better way of SEO. See

I want the people in Spain looking for “ para rodajes”, Film Cars Spain, Movie Cars Spain, Cinema Cars Spain to find us.  Not only this website but mostly our back-linked site 

To prove a point and to see if I was wrong and things had changed I began to start liking up to 1000 people or more on some accounts. I began also posting on these accounts the key words “Coches para rodajes”

The first problem I encountered was with Vimeo, who has shut our account down for spam, and now for days, I am appealing to them, that this is not spam, but marketing. I had posted only 3 videos Coches para rodajes cine.  Nothing to violate their terms, just an increase of posts alerted their system. Also Instagram shut us down shortly, and disabled our following others, just as Twitter did.

I appeal to these social networks to lighten up their algorithms that flag accounts, so that legitimate businesses , artists can publish and market their works. Maybe the big tech companies need to run this story!

However after several days of posting and following, it did not change our search results.  On Monday of this week I began the other way to market and SEO “Coches para rodajes” .

Did you know that Google + and Youtube are the most secret SEO tricks in the book ?  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter help market in their own networks, not much outside the network, except by the facebook page name,  twitter name, instagram name.  They don’t help much in SEO – except backlinking to your site, will help some, but don’t bet on it.

Rather, the website you manage must be surrounded with keywords on your front page and posts. We began on our  site with “Film Cars Spain, Cinema Cars Spain, Movie Cars Spain, Picture Cars Spain”  Before we focused the entire site on those keys, only a few other websites came up in search results, and mostly “Movie Cars”came up with the Car animated movie results.

This article is based on keywords and I am using “Coches para rodajes” more than once, in the post to get the search engines to see it.

In addition, I use a SEO plugin to manage the SEO keyword focus “Coches para rodajes” for this post .  If I include a Youtube video like I did below, and Google Plus snippet in this article it will help.

Give the search engines time to follow and see it.  This can take a day or several days. The more I blog about “Coches para rodajes”, the more posts, tags, categories that I set with “Coches para rodajes”, the more this post gets into the search results.